0, April 24, 2010
Posted by james
Berry Head sunrise

Berry Head sunrise

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  1. thom hunt says:

    hey, great blog btw. just got into fly fishing and well, to say there’s a lot to learn is an understatement!! I, like you, love all different branches of the sport and although growing up in top level match fishing am enjoying more and more the challenges of trout, cod, pike and catfish to name a few.

    i’m based in plymouth and would love some info on any trout fisheries you would recommend. been to local places like Bake Lakes in Cornwall and Tavistock trout fishery but your blogs on Exe Valley and Kennick look great.

    it seems i am keener the the weather at the moment, travelling to Bake Lakes in Cornwall only to get there to find it closed as last nights very harsh frost had put a ‘lid’ on it :(

    anyway, any info for this time of year would be great or if your heading out anytime soon and wouldn’t mind putting a fellow tackle obsessed angler ‘right’, drop me a line

    many thanks and great blog, thom

  2. james says:

    Hi Thom

    Thanks for the comments.

    In regards to trout fisheries it depends what type of fishing you like doing. Exe Valley and Kennick are two very different animals. Exe valley is a very good small water, it has a great amount of water running through it and the trout all put up a good fight. On a good day it is almost too easy to catch, I have caught 3 trout, in 3 casts before.

    Kennick is almost 50 acres so it can be a bit daunting if you find you are not finding the fish. I don’t think Kennick is open at the moment, it is closed for a period from late Oct/Nov to April (I think!). My advice here would be to forget fishing up the damn end and head right round to the other side and fish from near the reserve water up along to clam pits. Blobs, Boobies, Buzzers etc all work well.

    Good luck!

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