My name is James Dawkins and I am a small business owner based in Exeter, Devon. Myself and business partner Alastair Banks (www.iambanksy.co.uk) set up a webdesign agency (www.optixsolutions.co.uk) during the third year of our study at Exeter University. Having lived in the Exeter area for almost 12 years it was only in the past 2 that I rediscovered my passion for Angling.

Previously living on the Isle of Wight I was exposed to some of the best sea fishing in the UK. Our family was lucky enough to rent a beach hut for a number of seasons at Steep Hill Cove, where I would fish with my sister using hand lines from the shore. One of the greatest fishing stories belonged to my sister, when she managed to catch a 4.5lb bass with a handline baited with limpet. While myself and friends decided it was simply too rough to catch anything that day my sister proved otherwise.

After an extremely long break from fishing I found out that Exeter Council provided free fishing on a huge stretch of the Exeter Canal. Armed with an extremely bad telescopic fishing rod and a pint of maggots I set out to see what lurked beneath those murky waters.

Over the past couple of years I have fished for anything that swims, from steelhead on the Rogue River in Oregon to wild brown trout on the Upper Teign. From method feeding for carp to dead baiting for pike I have been on a quest to catch as many species as possible.

Whether you like Fly Fishing, Coarse Fishing,  or Sea Fishing I hope that you enjoy my blog and realise you don’t have to have been fishing your entire life to catch, and catch lots.